- Our Story -

Circlesphere Inc was created with the desire of providing a full-fledged agency experience at a personal level. We are digital-focused and believe in creating something great that makes us both happy. We've had the pleasure in working with a wide range of clients in the Technology, Financial, Music & Film industries. Our background in Design means we put careful attention into every website or project we create.

Digital is our Passion. We believe in hand-crafting design & code while providing the creative consultation you've been looking for.

Our goals for the future is to work on a wide variety of projects, with businesses to bring their ideas into a reality. We understand technology and always find a solution that fits our client's expectation. We have the pleasure of working with 10x Management, a web-focused talent agency that helps us on the business end of projects, so that we can truly focus on doing the work we love.

- our clients -